Photo Scanning Services
We offer photo scanning services of your printed photos or memorabilia (news paper clippings, posters, etc.).  Once scanned, your original photos will be returned. 
The scanned digital photos can be delivered:
-by email in JPG format;
-placed in a digital photo frame;
-placed in a CD.
-placed on a Flash drive
Scanning Printed Photos:      $ 0.60/photo at 300 dpi
Scanning Memorabilia:          -prices vary; contact us for more specific information
Digital Photo Frame:             -prices vary depending on frame used; contact us for more specific information
CD                                       -$18 for the first CD, $5 for additional CD's
Flash Drive                           -prices vary depending on memory of Flash Drive, contact us for more specific information
Shipping:                              -Prices for shipping vary depending on location to be shipped and magnitude of job 


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