Show Dog Ad Gallery
All work is created at 300 dpi full resolution and provided as a flattened JPG image.
In person, these ads are even more beautiful; they are clear, sharp and full of color and texture.  Enjoy!

ISCA Memo April 2021

ISCA Memo October 2020 

2nd Ad with different head shot for the Client (not published) 

ISCA Memo Ad August 2020

ISCA Memo Ad August 2020

ISCA Memo Ad August 2020

Canine Chronicle Ad February 2020

Canine Chronicle Ad June 2019

ISCA Memo AD February 2019

Canine Chronicle Ad January 2018

ISCA 2019 National Catalogue

ISCA Memo Ad June 2018

ISCA National Catalog May 2018

ISCA Memo April 2018 

Christmas 2017 AD

ISCA Memo 2 page Ad August 2017
ISCA Memo August 2017

ISCA  Memo
New Year 2017

Christmas Ad 2016

ISA Memo
 ISCA Memo 



ISCA Memo Ad October 2015

ISCA Memo AD October, 2015

ShowSight September 2015 Issue

Canine Chronicle Ad February 2015


Christmas AD 2014:

ISCGT Catalogue Ad:

 ES National Specialty Catalogue AD October 2014:

ShowSight Ad July 2014


ISCA Memo AD:  
ISCA Memo Ad  


ISCA Memo Ad: 



ISCA Ad:  
ISCA Memo Ad:  
ISCA Memo AD: 
 ISCA Memo AD:
ISCA Memo Ad: 


                              ISCA Memo Ad:


                                                         ISCA Memo Ad: 
                    New Years 2013 Ad:

                                             Christmas 2012 Ad:                        

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