Scrapbooking Information
Thank you for visiting NMMG Design.  When you are ready to get started with your scrapbooking project:
1.  Contact Us and let's discuss what you had in mind for your project.  I can use your concepts or my
    design concepts or a combination of both.  We will discuss the details of your project including layout
    design, style/theme, color preferences, number of photos, journaling and other information.
       Some popular scrapbooking layout themes include:
New Home
Sports and Sporting Events
Class reunions
Family reunions
Special Occasions
          .....And much more
2.  Cost Estimate and Contract: I will forward an estimate along with a contract with final details. Review
     the contract and then sign and date and return to me.   
3.  Pricing and Payment

  1. 50% non-refundable down payment should accompany your signed  contract.  Rate does not include shipping.  I will start your project once I receive payment. 
  2. Cash, PayPal, checks accepted.  Checks must be cleared before all work is started.
  3. Shipping prices vary due to size of project and location
  4. Final payment Due once proof is Approved. 
4. Photos: It is important that I receive your photos in the correct format:

  1. You can provide me with the original photo and I will scan it at the proper resolution. Your original photos will be returned to you.  NOTE: If you send original photographs to be processed in-house, make sure that the back of each photo is marked with name and address of the person that the photos are to be returned to as well as the names of the dog and owner. That way, your photos will be returned without delay
  2. If you are mailing your photos to me, I strongly recommend you use USPS Priority Mail, Fedex or UPS so the photos can be insured and tracked.  
  3. You can send your photo(s) electronically, either from a digital camera or scanned photograph.  NOTE: Email in small numbers to maintain high quality images.

                                                               i.      Photos must have a resolution of 300 dpi at the size they will appear in your layout.  NOTE:  If photos are not of a high resolution, they may not be suitable for reproduction due to lack of quality.

                                                             ii.      If you are unsure about the resolution of your image(s), consult your photographer or photo processor.  If your images are received and I determine that the resolution is below what is acceptable, I will contact you before designing your layout.

                                                            iii.      I cannot accept color copies of original photos, as these will not reproduce to your satisfaction.  

                                                             iv.     I prefer photos be in jpeg format, at 300 dpi

                                                             v.      All photos should be in good condition.  Photos can be touched up or repaired if necessary. 

    1. All photos provided must not be copyrighted material.  If you do provide Copyrighted material, you must provide a release of the copyright from the original copyright holder.  It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that copyrighted agreements on your photos are being met.  NMMG Design will not be held liable for any copyright violation of photos provided by clients.
    2. All photos must be CLEARLY labeled with name of the dog, name of the owner, name of breeder, name of handler, date and detailed description event or milestones for each photo, etc. 
 5.   Proof Approval:  Once your pages or project is completed, I will place them on a personal
       page on my website for you to view. 

a.  Upon notification that your page or project has been posted on the website, go through and review
      the pages for spelling errors and important information before approving.
b.  You will have 3 days to review and Approve of all completed work and advise
     of any corrections (e.g. spelling, pedigree, picture placement, etc.).
c.  Do not Approve your Proof until you have reviewed the entire project. It is the sole responsibility of
    the client to ensure spelling and correctness of the information.   If no response is
    received within the 3 day time frame, the work is considered “as is”.
 d. Any corrections requested after the 3 day period will incur a fee of $25 per change submission.
 6.   The final product is provided as a flattened full resolution jpg. which can be uploaded to personal
      websites and emailed or shared with friends and family.
 7.   Printing Options:  
a.  Single Page Printing - each page can be printed to place in an album or custom frame
b.  Photobooks are professionally bound books using a publishing company; Photobooks are
     book store quality and made from your scrapbook layouts 
c.   CD or Flashdrive:  Scrapbooking layouts can be placed on a CD and printed later or used as a backup file.
Ready to get started with your custom scrapbooking project?   
                                  Contact Us to get started  


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